Meet The Coaching Team

Our ThinkingThrough…Coaching coaches are trained coaches, through an ILM or similarly accredited course. Find out more about them below – in their own words.

We believe that coaching is a powerful tool to help people and are always adding to our coaching associates, so let us know if you are a coach and want to join us.

Dave Palfreyman

I believe that our actions and experiences shape us and by understanding and learning from them we can learn to “improve our game.” My challenge to anyone is “what would have made ‘that’ event even better for you and those around you?”

Coaching could help you to understand your own values and feel more valued by those around you at work. My personal experience of coaching has allowed me to explore my own values and beliefs and identified my direction of travel for the future. It has helped me to recognise how our interactions with others affects how we work. It has also taught me that working in a positive way has positive dramatic effects on others and the work that they do. Coaching has validated both my values and my competencies. It could work for you too!

Simon Bennett

I think the most important aspect of coaching is to explore what really motivates you, what drives you and what you care about.

If you properly understand that, you can be more successful when you extend yourself and deal with any challenges along the way.

Emma Highfield

My approach to coaching mirrors that of my general position in life. I think that the coaching experience can be an immensely useful context to restore and nurture ourselves both at work and beyond.

I like to be spontaneous and flexible within my coaching in response to what may fit best with the coachee. I am open to trying new ideas and techniques and shaping my approach to offer the most useful, engaging and transformative experience for the person who is consulting me.

David Eaton

I would summarise my approach to coaching as collaborative, calm and approachable, taking a structured approach to coaching that helps the coachee identify their own goals for change and improvement.

I view individuals as resourceful and through a process of exploration and reflection we can have a greater awareness of ourselves, a deeper understanding of the issues and find solutions to reach our goals.

Amanda Newman

I think we are all capable of finding our own solutions to the complex situations we face daily within our work environments, be they communication or resource issues. Space and time to process these issues can be valuable, sometimes essential, to ensure we remain active participants in finding and promoting effective solutions. Coaching can help us appreciate our strengths and further develop our workplace skills. Focusing on what we most value, alongside exploring what is potentially hindering us from making the most of our potential, can help us move to a more informed position.

Coaching for me provides a structured and safe environment that can be highly effective in providing the time and space we require to process such information. The personal reappraisal open to us through coaching can help us identify solutions and set goals in the context of our personal drivers.

If you are interested in accessing out coaching service, please get in touch via our contact page and mark for the attention of Jane Sedgewick.