Thinking Through… Coaching

Your performance is equal to your potential minus your interruptions.

John Whitmore

What is Coaching?

Put simply, coaching is a learning process that takes place within a confidential coaching relationship, where a trained coach works with you to facilitate your development. It is a powerful tool in making positive changes that you can bring about in your own performance and capability.

Coaching is very different to supervision or mentoring, in that it is less directive in its structure – the focus is entirely controlled by you, the client. It can provide a wider view of issues and creative ways of looking at work situations from different perspectives.

How Does it Work?

The job of the coach is to facilitate a conversation that will allow you to explore the topic you bring to your session, help you to look at it from a different angle and understand the learning from it. This process is also particularly good at helping you with goal setting and building a plan to achieve them.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Tim Gallwey

Coaching helps people to use and become aware of the expertise that they can draw from their own experience, working towards an increasing awareness and understanding of their skills and strengths, and offers a safe space to reflect, challenge and consider their hopes and ways of moving towards them.

Coaching can take place individually with your coach or in small groups. We can deliver by Skype (or similar technologies) as well as telephone.

Coaching Supervision

If your organisation already has coaches, you will fully understand the benefits that they bring to your organisation. To ensure your coaches are operating at their best, we are able to offer coaching supervision from our qualified coaching supervisors.


If you are interested in accessing out coaching service, please get in touch via our contact page and mark for the attention of Jane Sedgewick.