Site Outreach

Site outreach is where we deliver events either to the whole collaborative or to an individual partnership area. Below, you’ll find examples of our workshops and training courses, as well as details of our coaching offer.

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Core Site Outreach Workshops

CYP IAPT Overview

An overview of the Midlands CYP IAPT Collaborative, including:

  • CYP IAPT policy context
  • CYP IAPT principles
  • Service delivery
  • What we bring to services
  • Change and transformation
  • CYP IAPT implementation planning

Service Transformation
1 day

An event that looks at the challenge of adapting organisational systems to change, including:

  • The change environment
  • Change management
  • Change models
  • Effective commissioning
  • The process of transition
  • Dealing with resistance


An insight into involving children and young people in decision-making, including:

  • Organisations that promote participation
  • What participation means
  • Experiences of participation
  • Participation activities
  • The 9 priorities of participation
  • Realising the benefits
  • The challenges of participation

Using ROMs

An understanding of commonly used CAMHS Routine Outcome Measures (ROMs) and tools, covering topics such as:

  • The evidence base for ROMs
  • Measurement development
  • What each measure does
  • Measures and their application

Specialised Site Outreach Workshops

LGBTQ+ Young People and Mental health

Delivered by our Young Advisor team, this workshop is designed to raise awareness of the issues that LGBTQ+ young people encounter.

Using activities that highlight the effects of our heteronormative society, we explore methods for tackling stigma and discuss how to improve mental health services to better meet LGBTQ+ needs.

Workforce Planning

Aimed at commissioners and providers, this course explains the key elements required to develop a robust workforce development plan for children and young people’s mental health services.

It enables participants to develop robust strategic and operational workforce planning and to strengthen the workforce planning element of the LTP.

1 day

An opportunity for partnerships to hear about the development, implementation and practical application of self-referral across a CAMHS system.

With reference to academic theory and national policy, this exciting and packed day brings together academics, young people, parents, service providers and commissioners to hear about areas of experience-based good practice.

Particiants leave equipped to take the participation agenda forward in their own services, with topics including:

  • Academic and policy perpsective
  • Young people‚Äôs voices
  • Parental persectives
  • Legal context
  • Case studies
  • Implementation stories
  • Practical readiness tests

The event also includes plenty of opportunity to share and learn about self-referral and participation initiatives.

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Project Management for Non Project Managers
2 days

An interactive, practical and simple introduction to the key elements of successful project management.

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Define and scope a project;
  • Understand project roles and establish a project team charter;
  • Use simple product-based planning methodology;
  • Create a project plan with interdependencies and milestones;
  • Identify and respond to risks and issues within their project;
  • Assign work packages;
  • Facilitate effective meetings.


Leading Change and Transformation
3 days

Suitable for those undertaking a small-to-medium sized change, this course combines the practical elements of planning and leading an improvement initiative with the people element that can often be the difference between success and failure.

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use the PDSA model as a framework for continuous improvement;
  • Conduct simple analysis of improvement opportunities and identify targeted solutions;
  • Understand how change can impact people;
  • Use a range of tools to help stakeholders accept and support change.


1 or 2 days

A look at leading an improvement initiative using the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) model as the framework to explore:

  • forming improvement teams;
  • understanding the need for change;
  • process mapping;
  • root cause analysis; implementing the right solutions;
  • measuring impact and
  • continuous improvement.


Measure Up!
1 or 2 days

Based on the ADS Measure Up toolkit, this course combines a number of easy-to-use tools and techniques to enable you to better identify your key stakeholders, determine and prioritise their needs and wants and convert them into a set of measurable indicators.

These indicators will enable you to design your transformation around the needs and wants of your service users and other customers and measure the impact of your service transformation accordingly.


Visioning and Creative Thinking
1 day

Exploring practical creative thinking and visioning tools to help you and your organisation develop new ideas and strategic imperatives, including:

  • mind mapping;
  • six thinking hats;
  • SWOT analysis and more!

Site Outreach for Practitioners

The Clinical Self
1 day

Provides staff with key skills to support their resilience in the clinical setting.

Involving Children and Young People

Understand the value of involving children, young people and their carers in developing in-patient services.

Delivered by our own team of Young Advisors.

Team Effectiveness
1 day

Helping CAMHS staff to work effectively in and with teams, for the benefit of service users, staff and organisations.

Staff Coaching
Customised to your needs

Work with our experts in a confidential coaching environment and take your performance and capabilities to the next level.

CBT Informed Practice
2 days

Enhances clinical skills through an understanding of CBT theory and practical strategies.

Suitable for staff working with children and young people experiencing mild-to-moderate episodes of low mood and anxiety.

Mental Health of Children and Young People with ASD / Learning Disability
2 days

Improve understanding of vulnerabilities and considerations when working with children and young people with ASD or learning disabilities.

The Journey of Care in CAMHS
1 day

Explore the principles of person-centred care and person-centred goals within the admission, care-planning and discharge processes.