New to CAMHS

Online training for community children and young people’s mental health services

New to CAMHS is a training programme, designed by ADS, especially for clinicians new to the field of community children and young people’s mental health services.

About the training

At ADS, we understand that recruitment and retention issues mean clinicians with limited experience in the field are joining teams who may already be in a similar situation.

That’s where we come in to offer this invaluable training.


New to CAMHS offers many significant benefits, including:

  • improved recruitment by demonstrating that training and support are prioritised
  • improved staff retention
  • improved team morale
  • more effective and confident clinicians
  • the chance to network with people across different services


New to CAMHS offers a comprehensive training programme including:

  • eight days of ‘core’ community CAMHS training
  • two days of eating disorder training
  • six one-to-one mentoring sessions, plus
  • three sessions of Action Learning Sets (ALS)


As well as providing a robust introduction to working with young people with mental health problems, the New to CAMHS programme includes topics such as:

  • eating disorder training
  • effective team working
  • the person-centred approach
  • transferring theory into practice
  • collaborative working and participation
  • development of peer support
  • systemic working

Plus seven self-led e-learning modules:

  • Least-restrictive practice
  • The amazing developing brain
  • Developing emotional resilience
  • Working with diversity and inclusion
  • Understanding and combating stigma
  • Understanding and working with children and young people with depression
  • Participation

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One day per month



Enabling staff from different services to network and learn about service provision across a number of settings


£2,250 + VAT