The Midlands Young Advisors

Active since 2017, the Midlands Young Advisors are a group of 14 young people aged between 16-24, with varied backgrounds and experiences with mental health services.

Whether holding their own conference, presenting at national events, educating NHS professionals, or delivering talks to school students, the Young advisors have a demonstrable passion for transforming services and ultimately, championing the voice of young people.

The Midlands Young Advisors are available to consult on any of the topics in the “What We Do” section below. If you are interested in young people’s input on anything else, please get in touch via our contact page.

Let’s Get Mental… Together! Conference 2023

On Saturday 8th July 2023 we will be celebrating young people’s voices and young people’s mental health service innovation at our one-day free conference, Let’s Get Mental Together. Why not join us?