Mindful Management Campaign

Mental health in the workplace: the facts

Poor mental health is one of the biggest issues in the workplace today, resulting in over 70 million working days lost each year in the UK alone1. As well as having a huge impact on individual employees, it has severe repercussions for employers, including increased staff turnover, decreased motivation and lost productivity.


Employees who have experienced mental health difficulties due to work, or where work was a factor2


Employees living with a mental health condition for more than 10 years2

While many companies are beginning to understand the importance of good mental health, they simply don’t feel confident in tackling these issues in the workplace. That’s why the Young Advisors launched their Mindful Management campaign, aimed at improving mental health at work.

The pledge

By pledging to become more mindful of mental health issues in the workplace, employers were asked to agree to the following:

No matter where you are in the business hierarchy, anybody can develop mental health issues.

  • Nomination of an employee ‘wellbeing champion’;
  • Provision of mental health training and raising awareness;
  • Distribution of mental health information and resources to staff.

Employer Benefits

With a mental health support structure in place, the following benefits can be realised:

  • Employees take less time off due to mental health issues;
  • Morale improves, creating a positive working environment for all;
  • Staff happiness and wellbeing encourages loyalty and longevity within the company;
  • Improved mental health means employees make fewer mistakes and focus better.

Employee Benefits

It’s not just employers who stand to gain from the pledge, with employees seeing the following potential benefits due to improved support for mental health:

We wanted all people in the Midlands to be able to talk openly and honestly about mental health with colleagues in the workplace without fear of discrimination or judgement and for workers to know and exercise their right to inclusivity.

  • Less time struggling alone and a reduced feeling of isolation;
  • Improved wellbeing and an increased enthusiasm for work;
  • A reduction in stigma and discrimination arising from a more open culture;
  • Diminished anxiety provoked by discussions around mental health.

Find out more

Learn more by reading our Mindful Management campaign pledge.

1 – Chief Medical Officer Annual Report (2013): Public Mental Health
2 – Business in the Community: Mental Health at Work (2017)