Bank Caseload
Management Supervisors

£50 per session (associate)
£40 per session (zero hours)


The opportunity

Associate Development Solutions (ADS) are looking to recruit Caseload Management Supervisors to provide supervision to trainee and graduate low-intensity workers across the Midlands CYP IAPT collaborative.

The location

All supervision will be provided remotely via an online video-conferencing platform.

What we’re looking for

You must hold a qualification in a recognised clinical field that employs key CBT models and methodologies and be appropriately accredited if required to do so. You must also have satisfactorily completed a CYP IAPT Low-Intensity Supervision Course.

What we can offer you

We offer a choice of working arrangements at competitive rates of pay:
* Associate (contract) at £50 per session; or
* PAYE (zero hours) at £40 per session.

Supervisors have the benefit of working from the comfort of home, enabling flexibility around family life and day jobs. ADS are a friendly and supportive team who operate the supervision bank. Our current bank of supervisors are equally friendly and supportive towards each other.

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